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You Can’t Deal With So Much Data – Tools like Google Data Studio and Microsoft Power BI Can Help!

Data visualization has now become an essential part of the business world. Where charts, pics, and infographics are static, these customizable and flexible tools allow the businesses to interact with the data, manipulate and explore it in their own way. They’re more likely to stay ahead of the competition and more likely to remember what they’ve learned. That really makes data visualization so powerful.


Looking to Get Started with Data Visualization? Know Why It is Important!

  • It provides an excellent way to manage, present and makes sense of complex business data
  • It helps businesses identify areas that need attention or improvement
  • It helps you find out what your audience has for questions
  • It clarifies which factors influence customer behavior
  • It helps you understand marketing techniques like customer profiling, demographic segmentation, competitor behavior analysis etc.

Google Data Studio

This tool unifies several tools like analytics, YouTube, Adwords, drive spreadsheets and other applications, with the aim to support better business decisions. It transforms data into interactive reports that are easy to read, easy to share and fully customizable. It provides a simple, collaborative and intuitive way to interact with data. It saves time, delivers actionable insights, and solves big business problems. It provides better, faster and easier ways for data visualization and reporting.

  • Helps you create infinite reports
  • Adds data from your Webmasters’ tools
  • Offers the ability to change colors, gradients, and sources
  • Creates interactive reports from different data
  • Lets you import data from various sources like Facebook, Analytics, YouTube etc.
  • It shows you your website’s traffic details

Microsoft Power BI

This is an extremely powerful platform with exception data visualization capabilities. You can create beautiful reports, all in minutes with this technology. Through its interactive data visuals and control panels, it delivers fast answers to complex queries, regardless of the size of your data. It significantly provides a faster way to analyze data in graphical format as compared to analyzing information in spreadsheets. It helps businesses focus on areas that are more likely to influence their most important goals.

  • Informative, efficient, appealing, interactive and predictive
  • It creates meaning visuals of your business data
  • It turns business data into smart decisions
  • It pinpoints emerging trends and identifies patterns
  • It keeps data secure while giving businesses access to the insights they need
Tech fxVisuals Data Visualization Service Offerings:

When technology and design meet, there is a chance to experiment. That’s exactly what Tech fxVisuals likes to do. We make it simple for you to generate insights from these tools, answer questions you may have and discover any hidden patterns. We leverage these tools to explore, analyze and understand the data.

Finding the right technology for your business intelligence and analytics needs can seem daunting. But do not worry! We provide some effective tips and techniques to get results from data analysis and visualization and help you build stronger customer relationships.

Try out our services now! We’ll let you know the benefits of business intelligence within your organization.

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