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Internet Of Things (IoT) App Development

Internet of Things and Mobile App Development to keep you ahead of the competition Interest in M2M and the IoT is emerging quickly. Businesses and consumers include public sector organizations are becoming acquainted with the returns from the use of these technologies. IoT and Mobile Applications development provides more control and information from surrounding environments. With the help of the IoT technologies one can control devices at home through Home control and automation, can manage traffic/parking management or monitor & control applications and processes in industrial production.




Where It Applies?

Let us take a scenario where this IoT can be applied. Your children are moving around the city and you are worried about his driving and mobile phone usage. And you’d like to know the factual time & location of your kid and what speed they may be driving now and are they using phone texting while driving. We can answer all these questions by using GPS data from your children mobile device, monitoring data transmission in your children mobile. This IoT app will send data in real time to a central system. The central system will superimpose the data coming from children mobile like Maps and Dashboard alerts to your phone through the Internet.

This is just one example of where IoT technology can be applied. There are more real world situations where we can use IoT.

Machine-to-machine (M2M) Software Development

Machine-to-Machine Software Development will solve most of these IoT challenges. This signifies a key opportunity for app developers, service providers, and equipment vendors. Even though the potential size of the market varies, we all agree that it is a billion dollar prospect and opportunity.

Our M2M & IoT Development Competencies:
  1. Utility Consumption Tracker
  2. Smart Home Automation
  3. Security Tracking System
  4. iBeacon
  5. Device Content Tracking
  6. Drone Applications
  7. Speed Monitoring
  8. Industrial Applications

And more…

Our Mobility Solutions – iOS | Android | PhoneGap

The world is increasingly becoming a smartphone-centric society, thanks to the hosts of activities and plethora of mobile applications that make day to day life easier when using a smartphone!

Native mobile applications are the kind of mobile applications that are installed on the mobile device via an application store (such as Google Play for Android platform or Apple’s App Store for the iOS platform). A native mobile app is built for a particular device and its operating system, and thereby has the ability to access device-specific hardware and software, meaning that, the native apps can interact and take advantage of the latest technology available on mobile devices such as a global positioning system (GPS), camera, the accelerometer, the compass, the list of contacts, notification system and so on. Native apps work just as effectively in offline mode too, which is an added advantage.

Key Benefits of using Native Mobile App Development:
  1. Offline access possible
  2. Takes full advantage of all the device features
  3. User experience is exceptional
  4. Flexible data synchronization
  5. Push capabilities

Tech fxVisuals offers native mobile application development services and is instrumental in building performance-critical mobile apps. We are adequately equipped to provide solutions for all your mobile application development needs across an eclectic range of industries and businesses. We have commendable experience and expertise that helps us strike the right balance between client requirements, platform standards, and user experience.

Our teams of mobile development experts diligently and cost-effectively design, develop and deploy mobility solutions that endeavor to meet the client’s unique business needs. Our mobile application development team works closely with the clients to ensure that the development services are in adherence to the client’s specifications and business requirements.

The development of these custom mobile applications is streamlined to function seamlessly on major mobile operating systems such as IOS and Android platforms. Tech fxVisuals’ Native Mobile Applications Development Services ensures complete end-to-end development and delivery of mobile applications, within the shortest time frames possible.

Our mobile application development strategies are based on the following steps:
  • Commence the development of the app with the help of simulator
  • Test the app on specifically targeted devices (iPhone or iPad / Android)
  • Code is deployed in production only after successful trials on Beta devices

These steps ensure a quick debug cycle to flush out any earlier issues that might have been. For Native iOS & Android development, fxVisuals is the one-stop solution across every realm of application development such as concept, design, development, testing & launching. We consistently focus on delivering good quality, value-added, cost-effective services to meet a wide range of requirements in order to help clients gain a greater return on investment for their mobile technology initiative and mobile marketing strategies. Mobile applications are ever-evolving, and we strive to evolve and meet these ever-growing challenges in the world of mobile applications.

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